Mar 26, 2024

EIA completed for Vaasa Wind

Renewable Sweden has for about 1.5 years supported Vaasa Vind in their Bräknesbacken project in Halmstad. The environmental impact assessment has now been completed and the permit application has been submitted to the Environmental Assessment Delegation in Halland. The work of the permit team has been led by permit specialist Hanna Lind. Visualizations have been produced by Erik Edelönn and Tobias Bengtsson. We thank Vaasa Vind for an educational cooperation!

About the project

The Bräknesbackenvindkraft project is located approximately 2 km northeast of Halmstad, MellanOskarström and Simångsdalen. The area is characterized by production forest withelements of marshland and beech forest

* Halmstad municipality's total electricity production according to the 2020 energy statistics from SCB, which is the latest available statistics at regional and municipal level.
** 5000 kWh is equivalent to household electricity for a villa.

Bräknesbacken - Vaasa Wind

Photo: Thomas Fredriksson