Operational policy

Renewable Sweden is the small consulting company with the big vision to make the future renewable.
Our assignment is to work with consulting services, project development and brokerage services in renewable energy in Sweden and the Nordic countries. Our business is characterized by a clear focus on helping our customers to success and thereby enable the establishment of renewable energy.  

The business must also be permeated by active environmental work with an effort to reduce the business's negative environmental impact and a good, safe, and developing work environment.

  • Meet legal requirements and other binding requirements imposed on us by our stakeholders.
  • Using clear goals and action plans, conduct quality, environmental and work environment effort that strives for continuous improvement.
  • Have a high awareness of the above issues throughout the organization so that the work can be carried out in a responsible, safe, and efficient manner.
  • Strive for the projects we work with in the form of development of renewable energy production to be built, operated, and decommissioned in an environmentally, ecologically, and economically sustainable way
  • Consider and prevent, as well as regularly follow up, quality, environmental and work environment aspects in all processes and activities.
  • Provide facts and data on quality, environmental and work environment work to stakeholders and be open to their views.
  • Continuously follow up and ensure that the business develops within the framework of this policy.
  • Protect the environment by actively working to reduce the environmental impact of our transports and waste management.
  • Actively eliminate hazards and reduce work environment risks within our operations.
  • Let our employees be involved in our work environment efforts.
  • Constantly develop and improve our business management system.

We expect every employee to:

  • Ensures that we live up to the customer's requirements and expectations.
  • Takes part in, understands, and performs the work according to the own workplace's environmental requirements.
  • Actively participates in work environment efforts.
  • Actively contributes to continuous improvements within the business.

Falkenberg 2022-04-22
Jeanette Lindeblad
CEO Renewable Sweden