The future is renewable and we want to meet it together with you

For land owners

In everything Renewable Sweden does, we strive for Sweden to have an energy system that is profitable and sustainable for everyone. As a landowner, you can be part of the energy transition by leasing land for one of our upcoming projects for solar or wind.

The lease compensation is a long-term stable and annual income that is a good complement to other income. Do you want to know more about the possibilities of leasing land for renewable energy - Please contact Katarina below. Good to know:

  • Land used for solar- or wind power is restored after the facilities have reached their technical lifetime. The owner of the park is responsible for ensuring that money is set aside for dismantling and restoration already in connection with the permit process. 
  • The lease agreements usually run for 30 – 50 years. 
  • Forestry can be carried out with few restrictions in a wind farm. In the immediate surrounding area of the wind turbine, you need to keep the crane site itself free. 
  • The right of public access applies as usual in a wind farm. 
  • Solar parks may need to be fenced off due to special insurance conditions.

Katarina Tideman

Land Acquisition Manager